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Family Fun Day

August 11th ~ Forbes Hall

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Farmteam Concert

August 25th ~ Forbes Hall

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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Fundraising Update


Thetis Island Improvement District

Planned Changes to the Firehall

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Extreme Fire Hazard

The three closest fire weather reporting stations (Cedar, North Cowichan and Salt Spring) have moved into EXTREME.  

--As of Sunday, July 15th, Thetis Island will be in the EXTREME forest fire danger class.  

Wood burning campfires will be banned as of midnight Sunday night.  

--Sunday, Monday and Tuesday all potential spark producing activities must be completed by noon (chainsawing, mowing, excavating etc.) followed by a two hour fire watch.  

--All potential spark producing activities will be banned completely on Wednesday, July 18th until the Hazard Rating falls below EXTREME for three consecutive days.  Certified UL or CSA propane appliances (BBQs or campfire appliances) are permitted with a 6" flame.

For more information on By-Law 70 go to



Today at The Nature House (Sunday, July 15th)

Native Plant Walk & Card Making with Steph Cottell! 

At 11 AM Steph will be guiding us on a walk through the forest, identifying the native plants and discussing their traditional uses and ecological importance. After a break for lunch, we will be making cards with pressed plant clippings from our walk. 

Please bring lunch, clippers and a container/bag for holding your samples.

By donation of $5 per individual, $10 per family or free for Friends of the Nature House. At the Portal, 254 North Cove Rd.


Forbes Hall Fundraising Update


Missing Person

Missing person who may be in the gulf islands

Good morning, a friend of a friend’s mom has gone missing and there have been some recent sightings in the Cowichan Valley.  Please keep your eyes out for Gladys who has been missing for just over a week now.

Facebook page:

The TC story is here:

The Oak Bay Police original post on Twitter is here:

Ellen Hrad, BC Gov, Employee Relations Nanaimo


Farmteam Concert ~ August 25th


Summer Market ~ July 14th

We are so excited to announce that the "Boutique" clothing leftover from our Fashion Show in May will be up for sale from 10-2pm.  Everything must go including shoes, jewellery and much more. Drop by and fill your wardrobes with spring and summer clothing.

We also have some new items this coming week as well. From the kitchen we have Scotch Eggs and Perogies freshly made for the Saturday crowds. Marylyn has added to her baking line with numerous new items as well.

Looking for a new T-Shirt, Ball cap or Mug? Thetis Island Hall Expansion committee are selling numerous colours, sizes and styles of T-Shirts. These are a good quality T-Shirt with 2 logos to choose from. Great Ball Caps are available in Khaki or Navy, and the brand new "Thetis" mugs are here!

Make great gifts for birthdays or shop early for Christmas.



Gâteau Breton at the Nugget

I am sorry I deprived you all of cake without warning last weekend. So this is to let you know that my "Gâteau Breton" cake will be back at the Nugget this Saturday, but maybe not every weekend moving forward.

Thank you all,



Bake Sale & More

Saturdays From: 10:00am-1:00pm

Pavillion at Dunfield Park behind Thetis Island Marina & Pub


Encourage Native bee populations: Pollinator Workshop Saturday July 14

Have you noticed all the Bumble Bees in the garden this year?  

The Gulf Islands could be havens for native bee conservation while on the mainland habitat loss has put many at risk. Lora Morandin, research scientist and bee expert will be presenting a workshop Saturday July 14 starting at 11am at the Nature House at the Portal.

We will be looking at the Who, Why, How of Native Bees local to our area. Bring a bagged lunch, hat, water and sunscreen as we will be doing some bee identification outside.

Learn what you can do to protect and  encourage bee native populations essential to pollinating native plants and flowers on Thetis Island. as well the fruits and vegetable in our gardens. 

This is a ThINC sponsored event.

Nature House Members are free otherwise a donation in support of the Nature House Education programs is appreciated.


Berries & More are Fresh @jollityFARM!

Get your local berries @ jollity this Saturday! 

Open 9am to 1pm

Fresh & delicious berries grown by our friends at Gobind Farm (in Saanich). 



Mixed 6 pack flats (blue, tay, raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry, blackberry)

Giant Blackberries 


**Available by the pint or full flat. Please email to reserve ahead. 

+ NEW! Collaboration Brew Pepperoni! Riot Brewery & Habitat Farm have partnered up on this amazing pasture raised pork & 'Working Class Hero' dark mild beer pepperoni sticks.

+ Home Grown U-Bake Keto Sprouted Bread Packs

+ Organically Grown Jollity Salad Greens

+ Fresh Jollity Garlic

+ Juicy Jollity Plums

+ New Perennials and Drought Resistant Grasses


Special Notice from TIVFD

We are now heading into the thick of wildfire hazard season.

We are now in HIGH hazard again and all activities that can produce sparks must be monitored closely.  Those with existing Campfire Permits dated until Sunday, July 15th are urged to be extremely careful with their sparks and embers.  After Sunday, July 15th there will be NO campfire permits issued until further notice.  Please switch over to your UL or CSA certified propane campfire appliance.  

We are going to be in EXTREME HAZARD conditions very quickly, which means you have very little time to get your mowing, chainsawing etc. finished.  Please consider getting those chores done in the next few days.  When EXTREME HAZARD is posted, those spark producing activities must cease. 

For a complete information on the Thetis Island Improvement District By-Law 70 (Extreme Fire Hazard Conditions) go to

Several bush fires have been ignited this past week in the Cowichan Valley by human activity, and the heat and drying winds are quickly pushing Thetis Island to tinder dry conditions. Please be vigilant.

Thank you for your fire safety support.



Outdoor Play Area ~ Items Needed

First I want to thank every single person that encouraged me to not give up on my search to find a home on Thetis. We bought a little home and are now permanent residents of this wonderful community. The church members were so helpful with moral support, prayer and physically helping us move. My little girl and I are so fortunate to be able to call so many people our new friends. 

I am creating an outdoor space for her in our new yard and would love to buy what I need from my neighbors. 

-succulents and small shrubs for a toddler garden (need to be durable)

-4 wood pallets to create a climbing structure

-very small wood boat, does not have to be water worthy

-large wood dowelling or wooden curtain rods (short is fine)

-Pulley system for a clothes line( with or without line)

-left over chalkboard paint

-1/2 sheet G1S plywood (for a chalkboard)

-white irrigation piping and random fittings (makes for great car tunnels)

-wood to build a 4x8 sandbox (pressure treated) 

-decking boards, 4x4 posts (for a swing)

-large wooden box (toy storage)

-landscape fabric

-short 4' ish 4x4 for use as balance beams

-decking screws, nails

-water hose


-Anything you might have that you think would be great in an nature focused, environmentally conscious, budget friendly play area. I have given myself two weeks to complete this project so I would like to purchase the items asap to allow for proper planning.

If you are thinking this sounds like it will be a fun place to play, just say Hi to my little girl one day and I'm sure she will invite you over to play.

I'm happy to pay, also free is Ok.

Elite 250-533-9347 although phone doesn't work often so also email

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