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Feel free to send us bits & pieces of information and interest, photos to share and notices of upcoming events etc.

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BC Ferries ~ Launches Engagement on New Ferry Vessels


Note About e-SPOKES...

One of the eSPOKES volunteers received a handwritten anonymous letter in the mail for an entire discussion to be posted.  

Please remember that eSPOKES is for announcements related to Thetis Island and can’t facilitate publishing discussions.  

If there is interest in initiating a discussion of a topic please approach www.thetisblog.net to ask if anyone else would like to collaborate.  You can use the contact page at www.thetisblog.net/contact/as well.  The discussion can then be announced via eSPOKES with the link. 

When sending items to eSPOKES its most helpful to the volunteers if the sender is identified so they don’t need to send out a notice to everyone if there are questions.


Pool & Spa Maintenance

Next Thursday, we have “Jims Pools and Spas” coming over to Thetis to service our hot tub.  

Please let me know if you would like to add your hot tub to their trip.  

Chris 250-252-0699


Boat for Sale

Moving so have to sell the boat. Highfield 3.1 metre aluminum hulled RIB inflatable in very good condition with 9.9 hp Mercury four stroke motor and galvanized trailer. $3500.

Murray Fraser


250 951 5430


Chipping Branches ~ Partial Solution for Chipping Limbs from the Storm

I am operating a medium sized chipper at my residence.

If you can bring your clean limbs to me, I can chip them for my own use.

If interested, please call Tom Lee, 250-246-1405 for details.



One grey/green hide-a- bed in great condition

One large old lawyer style oak desk

One double box spring





If someone owns a boat named "Make Her Pay" could you please email me & let me know what what 2 things that you've lost.  



Thetis Island Marina & Pub ~ St. Paddy's Day & Friday Special

St. Paddy’s Day Celebration Saturday March 16, 2019 See Poster Below

This Week's Daily Features 

All week:

Thetis Island Burger – Garlic butter toasted bun with fried mushrooms and onions, bacon, cheddar cheese and special sauce, topped with 3 onion rings, served with fries $17.99

Friday, March 15

Lunch: Mexican Chicken Burger with salsa, sour cream, 3-cheese blend and jalapeños with fries $15.99

Dinner: Steak Sandwich topped with sautéed mushrooms and fries $15.99, add Shrimp Skewers $2.99 each


Wildfire Sprinkler Protection Kits

Once again we are taking pre-orders for the WASP Wildfire Sprinkler Protection kits. 

Each kit contains 2 sprinkler heads, 2 x 5/8” flat hose, and 2 gutter mounting brackets. These units work under low pressure. The TIVFD is selling the kit for $175 each, taxes and shipping to Thetis included. Check it out on amazon.ca. 

The same kit is $349.99 so let us know at chief11@telus.net if you want to purchase through us.



Putting Your Affairs in Order

When: Saturday, March 23rd from 10am till noon at Forbes Hall

Presenter: Bill Bahan of Victoria

Cost: Free!  Quote from Bill, “I am in the business of helping people save money.” 

SUBJECTS INCLUDE: General information that your loved ones and executor need when you no longer can speak for yourself due to health problems or you die. Personal and family information. Financial, tax and legal information, Health Care Directive, Powers of Attorney, Funeral Arrangements, Wills and Estate, Planning and Property Distribution (who gets what).  Taking care of these important matters while you are still able will save your loved ones many hours of agony and frustration.  They will be very grateful to you for having done this. 

Bill Bahan has travelled throughout Canada holding seminars called “Putting Your Affairs In Order” which include Wills and Estate Planning and End of Life Decisions.  He has been a minister for over sixty-five years and has helped many people deal with these matters.  His accounting background has been an asset in Financial Planning. Bill is a long-time friend of Ernie and Lynn’s.  Each participant will receive forms called “PERSONAL PLANNING GUIDE – WHERE EVERYTHING IS” which simply need to be filled in.  Take advantage of this opportunity to get your affairs in order.

Please contact Lynn Hunter at lynnhunter@telus.net or phone 250-246-2176 to reserve a spot or if you have questions. 


From the Library...

Over the years, donations of books have been used for the collection and the book sale.  As you know, the library budget is a result of the money raised at the annual book and bake sale.  

With the impending hall expansion the library will be boxed up and stored.  Please hang onto your book donations until the library is up and running again.  

Did you know the library has over 3000 books and over 844 DVD’s?  Not bad for a small island.

Thanks for your continued support.


Your island librarian.


Thetis Island Merchandise available at Soup's On

Thetis Island Merchandise will be available Wednesday at Soup's On. 

We'll have toques, mugs. t-shirts, and a variety of blankets. 

Our cozy red fleece blanket comes with its own sturdy carrying strap making it ideal for a grab and go bag! 

Proceeds from merchandise sales go to the Forbes Hall Expansion Project.

Ellen and Tatiana

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