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Forbes Hall Expansion Donations

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Lawrence Valley Dining Event

June 28th 

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Pancake Breakfast

July 1st ~ Forbes Hall

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Family Fun Day

August 11th ~ Forbes Hall

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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Improvement District

Planned Changes to the Firehall

Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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Who's Who of Thetis Pets Registry

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
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Commuter Car

If you know of anyone looking for a good little commuter car, my brother in the Fraser Valley is selling his 2007 Honda Fit.  $3900.  

Ads in auto trader and craigslist fraser valley.  It gets 7.4l/100 km (38mpg).  

Email me at and I will put you in touch with him.


Free: Wine Fridge

Wine fridge that holds 35 bottles

Don Sinclair, 250-246-4291


Solid Waste Committee Message

Thank you to all who are donating items that have been cleaned, and that work, to our Free Store, that others can make use of again.

May we also remind everyone: before you bring in any items, please ensure that they are in working order, are cleaned and that they do not need repairing.

The summer is upon us, and that brings with it a VERY busy Solid Waste yard, which means our volunteers and staff are working extra hard (which they do anyway!). Please park in designated spots only, this will ease the days when there is added congestion.

Thank You for you ongoing support. Have a great summer!

Steve Frankel

OBO,Your Solid Waste Committee


From the Library...

New in the collection

Murder in the Rue Dumas - M.L.Longworth - fiction

Radio Girls - Sarah Jones Stratford - historical fiction - London 1926

Sulphur Springs - William Kruger - crime fiction

The Lewis Man and The Chessmen last 2 in the Lewis Man trilogy

Earnest - Kirsten von Kreisler - fiction - dog




Next TIRRA GM, Thursday, June 21st 7PM

There are a number of important Agenda Items.

If you have any topic or issue you would like on the Agenda, please contact me, Steve @ 250-246-2099 

Agenda Items:

1. Approval of TIRRA Exec Minutes/AGM Minutes - Posted online soon

2. FAC - Keith Rush

3. Committee Reports: Posted online soon, Cemetery, Transportation, Trails, Finance, Solid Waste 

4. TIRRA Executive Motions: Funding for Hydro at SW      

5. New Tax Proposal(s) CVRD initiatives & Info-Quentin

6. Replacement of TIRRA Chair



Passing Walkers

Drivers, please be aware that when you come upon walkers on your side of the road you must SLOW DOWN and then pass them only if it's safe to do so. 

This means you cannot stay at speed and swerve into the opposite lane and expect the oncoming driver to pull off to let you by.  This is still happening all to often. 

Several residents have purchased dash cams because of this issue. 

Please take the extra three or four seconds to keep our Walkers and drivers safe.



Coastal Wildfire News ~ Issue 3


Join the Community Bat Count

Bat Watch is a citizen science program to annually monitor bat populations in roost sites. Abandoned houses, barns, church steeples – and even currently occupied structures and bat houses – can provide a summer home to female bats and their young. Monitoring these “maternity colonies” can give biologists a good idea of how bat populations in an area are doing from year to year. With the occurrence of White-nose Syndrome in North America, monitoring these colonies is more important than ever.

Ideally, the Bat Count includes four counts during the summer - two between June 1 and 21 (before pups can fly) and two more between July 11 and August 5 (when pups are flying and exiting the roost with their mothers). Doing all four bat counts allows Bat Watch to best compare data from year to year and between sites. However, if you don't have time, you can choose your level of participation (one count, one count each period, two counts once or twice).

Here's how. It's fun and simple (glass of wine while counting is optional): 

Arrive at your bat roost at sunset (bats will begin to emerge at dusk).

The air temperature should be at least 12° (C) with low wind speed.

Sit or stand outside so that the bats' exit point is visible from a comfortable distance. More than one person might be needed if bats are exiting from multiple points.

Tally the bats as they fly out for their nightly insect eating. A hand clicker can help. 

Record your observations on the data sheet (available at

Mail your data sheet to the BC Bats Program at the end of the summer.

Do not enter bat roosts or handle the animals.

Please respect private property. Ask permission if the bat roost is on someone else's land.

For more information go  or contact


Summer Market Fun

The weather may say Junuary, but the Summer Market says fun! 

Don't forget the Summer Market this Saturday June 9th 10-1  

Dee Smith from Frog Pond Glass is having a big jewellery sale this Saturday. Pat English is back with her kids clothing.  Frank English is bringing his gorgeous turned wood pens and pencils made from local woods. Marylyn is baking up a storm of goodies. Solar Bud is waiting for the sun to return. Carol Swann has developed a new line of soap and bath products. Gordie our wood artist is returning. Gloria is packaging up her crackers and will have the last of the summer clothes from our Fashion Show on sale.

Helen and Gloria


Summer Market Returns

We're back! The Summer Market starts this Saturday June 9th from 10-2pm.

You will find us at the corner of Marina Drive and Pilkey Point Road. (Marylyn Pegg's Farm stand)

New vendors as well as the original gang will have all kinds of goodies to sell this Saturday and every Saturday until September 1st.

Come support your local artisans. 

Any questions contact Helen Bird or Gloria Taylor


Lawrence Valley Dining Event ~ June 28th

Imagine dining in the beauty of Lawrence Valley, surrounded by green fields and foliage, with a playlist of birdsong.

We are offering a six-course meal paying homage to the early summer season, complete with beverages.

Long communal tables will be set, and service will include tasting platters.

Bill & Ann Dickie, with an amazing group of volunteers, are pleased to offer this experience to 24 guests.  Final Date for reservations is June 23rd.

This is a “by donation” event.  Full information will be sent upon request. 

Please contact us at for more information or to reserve.

This is a Forbes Hall Expansion Fundraiser.


Temporary Dog Care Needed

Hi, I am staying on Thetis until the end of June and need a couple nights of dog care. Is anyone on the island able to take care of my medium sized dog?

Please contact Mylene Olivier at

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