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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Thetis Island Improvement District

Planned Changes to the Firehall

Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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CVRD Municipal Election 2018

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Burns Night ~ Thank You

On behalf of TIMA thank you to all who attended our second Burns' Night at the community hall on Saturday evening. The event was a huge success

due to a welcoming, involved audience and the wonderful preparations and presentations by the many individuals and groups participating in the evening.


Andy Keir



Soup's On ~ January 23rd

Wednesday, January 23rd

Forbes Hall 11:30AM ~ 1:00PM or 'til we run out!


Moroccan chicken, chickpea and coriander soup (and Vegetarian option)

Olive oil Fan tail buns

Assorted goodies

Tea and Coffee

Tea & Pot of Gold Coffee


See you Wednesday. 

For more information on Soup's On, click here.  


Robbie Burns Attendees, please note...

Beverages for sale:  Beer, Wine $ 4.00, Scotch Whisky $ 3.00, Ginger Ale $1.00. Coffee, Tea, Juice and Water provided   No ticket refunds after Tuesday, Jan. 15th . See you there. 


Carpet Cleaning and Saturday Globe & Mail

We are having our carpets cleaned by Ding's carpet cleaners (recommended by Valley One carpets). If anyone is interested in having their carpets cleaned and sharing the job please contact us at .


Suzanne Sarioglu



Are you interested in the Saturday Globe and Mail? 

If so, please contact Vicki Walker at 246-9126


Digital Magazine Subscriptions through VIRL

Do you have a library card with the Vancouver Island Regional Library?  If so you are eligible to receive free magazine subscriptions on your computer, laptop or device! 

The VIRL has joined with Zinio to provide this service.  Not all magazines are available, but there’s a pretty good selection.  Go to the VIRL homepage and look for the Zinio link.  Be sure to take the 17-minute tour as it will save you some bother. 

I didn’t and it took me a while to sort out how to view magazines on my iPad.  And residents on the “Dark Side”, don’t despair!  I haven’t checked it out, but I understand from the tour that you can download a magazine to your laptop or device (using the Community Hall’s WiFi?) and have it available offline.  The tour also says they will provide technical help, which I’m sure the librarians are able to do as well. 

The VIRL has many interesting services, such as free downloadable music, ebooks, etc.  It could be well worth your time to check out what’s available.

Pat English


Recycling Difficult & Unusual Items ~

I came across this blog posting on the great info-web and thought it would be good to share with you all.  We'll try and get more info regarding some of the specific programs and keep you posted.

What to do with stuff you no longer want? First rule: if it's not irreparably broken, donate or resell it. But what if nobody wants it? Recycling hard-to-recycle items isn't as tricky as you might think!

Find solutions for some of the most common challenges — including lights, eye glasses, cell phones and mattresses — in my FAQ's section.

Regional and provincial departments are getting good at summarizing local options. The Recycling Council of British Columbia's

Recyclepedia, streamlines information from all major non-profit recycling associations in the province.

Click here to go to site.

Stephanie Cottell


Playground Opening

Official Playground Opening

Wednesday January 16th ~ 12:15 at Soup's On


Conservation Covenant Information Meeting: ThINC

Do you have a special ecosystem or species on your property you would like to protect? Have you heard about conservation covenants and want to know more? 

All Thetis Island property owners are invited to join Kate Emmings, Ecosystem Protection Specialist for the Islands Trust Fund, and Mary Reher and Andy Nowak from Pender Island, to hear about conservation covenants and the Island Trust Fund's Natural Areas Protection Tax Exemption Program (NAPTEP). Kate will give an overview about conservation covenants and the NAPTEP program. Andy and Mary will share their experience with establishing a conservation covenant to protect an arbutus-lined ridge and mossy forest on their Pender Island property. The covenant protects important habitat for Common Nighthawks, a federally-listed threatened species. Your questions are welcome. Tea and cookies will be served.

Date: Sunday, January 20

Time: 1-3 pm

Place: Forbes Main Hall 

For more information contact Ann Eriksson at 250-246-8176 or email  This event is sponsored by the Thetis Island Nature Conservancy.


Free Furniture ~ Gone!

Sectional leather couch and ottoman plus a bed frame, headboard & mattress.
For full information and photo, click here.

Soup's On ~ January 16th

Soup's On

Wednesday, January 16th 

Forbes Hall 11:30AM ~ 1:00PM or 'til we run out!


Wonton Soup (vegetarian)

Spring Rolls (vegetarian)

Chinese Almond Cookies & Banana Sesame Loaf

Tea & Pot of Gold Coffee

by donation ($5 suggested)

See you Wednesday. 

For more information on Soup's On, click here.  


the Chilling Truth ~

A very informative article on cold water survival (or not) and a great reminder of why we must wear a lifejacket on or around water at this time of the year:

Fire Chief J. Caldbeck


Night Walking Tips...

Great to see so many people out walking just lately, must be new years resolutions in action, that's great and keep up the good work.

The days are still short and I have noticed a few folks out while its is still dark. A number of you I have only noticed at the last minute due to you wearing dark clothing.

Light coloured clothing with something reflective front and back would really improve your visibility to motorists, reflective safety vests are best but I agree not the best fashion statement. Having worked in the ER at Cowichan District Hospital I can assure you that the nurses are not concerned about fashion.

Here is a tip from a website on safe walking which I thought was good information to share.

If your interested the full article can be read by following the link at the bottom.

To be fair, Motorists, watch for walkers and cyclists, drive slowly particularly around the winding corners, lets all be safe.

Be Visible: Wear bright colors when walking in daytime. When walking at night, wear light-colored clothing and reflective clothing or a reflective vest to be visible. Drivers are often not expecting walkers to be out after dark, and you need to give them every chance to see you, even at street crossings that have crossing signals. Be just as cautious at dawn or twilight, as drivers still have limited visibility or may even have the setting or rising sun directly in their eyes. (from espokes...carrying...and using...a flashlight can also improve your visibility)

Click here for full article.

To be fair, Motorists, watch for walkers and cyclists, drive slowly particularly around the winding corners, share the road, lets all be safe.

Happy walking, stick to it.

Peter Luckham

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