January Lichen


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5RHYTHMS Dance Workshop ~ January 19th

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Forbes Hall Expansion

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Fundraising Update


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Thetis Island Improvement District

Planned Changes to the Firehall


Rainfall Stats ~ Preedy Harbour

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Who's Who of Thetis Pets Registry

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Thetis Island Farm Producers
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Thank you, Hydro crews and contractors and...!

Thought the community should send a big shout-out to the Hydro crews and contractors who worked so hard to get our power up and running again -  it was a big job and completed ahead of some expectations.

Thanks too to Elizabeth Bond for getting onto Telus’ case, hopefully her efforts will prove to have results in the near future.

And thanks to Solar Bud, Ron Bannister and Chris Call (and many others, I’m sure) for their efforts in the aftermath of “The Storm”

Happy New Year all!!

Ron and Eleanor

101 Hollyberry Lane


Missing Fire Department Package

A parcel weighing 13 lbs. and containing Christmas stationary and CDs marked with Thetis Island Fire Dept. was delivered to the Thetis Post Office in the week before Christmas but was somehow misdirected.  

If you inadvertently have that package from Perfect Pen in the US, and addressed to the Thetis Island Fire Dept.,  please return it to Kevin at the post office.  




Telus Phone and Internet Update

Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone who’s continued to communicate about their own and neighbour’s phone and internet connection issues.

Thanks to Stephanie for helping to initiate an interview with Chek TV, which aired on the Sunday night news ( Dec 30th, 5 pm www.checknews.ca  ) , parts of which were broadcast on CBC Radio again on the 31st.   

Telus responded to the interview stating that they would rally some additional crews and all repairs would be completed by January 15th.

A solo local technician arrived today and proceeded to map all the issues on the island. Some areas will only need simple repairs, where others are quite complicated and will require some time and reinforcements.

I am grateful that he made his way to me, so that I could share our list, organized by area and level of need.

Please have compassion for this guy !!! He should not be assigned to such a big job alone. We hope to see him with these reinforcements on his next visit, where they can safely and efficiently attend to our many jobs.

We hope to see them back tomorrow and with more assistance in the coming week.

Elisabeth Bond


Ferry Reminder and Update on Dangerous Goods Run

Reminder: Beginning now our Dangerous Goods run will return to Chemainus on the 1:10 sailing from Thetis rather than the previous 2:40.  This means there will be no other vehicles or foot passengers on that 1:10 run. The 2:40 run will be open for vehicles and foot passengers. 

Update: According to BC Ferries the next DG sailing will be this week on Thursday, January 3. The possible extra DG sailing with Superior Propane on Wednesday that was mentioned in espokes last week is not on the schedule at this time. BC Ferries was willing to have the extra sailing but Superior Propane has not made a reservation for Wednesday. 

Sue French 

For the FAC, Ferry Advisory Committee


December 2018 Rainfall Stats

Courtesy of Keith Rush

The second wettest December behind 2015 at 269 mm and the third wettest year behind 2016 at 1359.2 mm and 2010 at 1188 mm. 

I can't thank Frank English enough for keeping my rain gauge up to date through the most difficult of times, and huge thank you to Tim Mattson for clearing our driveway...



Happy New Year!


Thetis Island Marina's New Year's Eve Party!

Thetis Island Marina & Pub

This is our "After the Hurricane" update:

Our FUEL DOCK is now OPEN 11am to 4pm.

Our hydro is restored and the kitchen is re-organizing.



Our phone lines are down, so FB message for New Year's buffet dinner reservations, or just come on down. 

Dinner is served from 5pm - 8pm, followed by music and dancing into the new year with John Hannah - aka "Johnny Blitz"

And remember, if you wish, to "Put on the Ritz" with some sparkle & glitz :) 


We look forward to seeing you all soon!


Thetis Polar Plunge on Jan 1st! at 11AM!

Polar-blooded kin are warmly invited to this year's annual Polar Plunge to take place at Preedy Harbour (Capernwray access is kindly permitted) on Jan 1st at 11 am.

Come for a splash or just a laugh - swimmers, observers and commentators all equally welcome.

-- from diehards Kelly, Carolyn and Gerhard


5 Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Change the Oil. Most new generators need their first oil change after just 30 hours of use, and thereafter change the oil after 50 hours of use.  (Smaller generators often don’t have an oil filter so changing the oil will extend the life of your unit.)

Replace the Spark Plug and Air Filter. Replace the spark plug and air filter every 200 hours of use or every season. Have a spare spark plug and filter handy for times you need one and can’t get off-island.

Drain Fuel When Not in Use or use a fuel stabilizer if you are storing it full.  (Storing it full lessens chance of water in the fuel tank from condensation.)

Ensure the battery is fully charged.  And have spare oil available.  (Low oil will stall out your generator)

Start Your Generator Every 30 Days if you want to be sure of it starting when you need it.  



Rainfall Stats ~ November 2018

courtesy of Keith Rush

Editor: my apologies for the delay in posting


Forbes Hall Fundraising Campaign ~ Update


Telus Phone and Internet Update

Dear Islanders.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out with offers of connection points for internet to those who need it, and to all who have reported their outages. I have generated a list of those who have contacted me, and putting addresses/contacts in order of greater necessity. After many calls, I have spoken with someone in management who assures me they are now aware of our situation and making some movements towards action. I've let them know I will share the list with them so they can better organize their repair roster. Anyone without a cell phone who depends solely on a land line for outside communications or with emergency alerts connected to their phone service will be at the top of the list, anyone depending on phone and internet for employment will be next, with the rest to follow accordingly.

I don't want people to waste their time being on hold, but many small irritants will add up to create a larger discomfort for Telus. If you have the time to spare to call Telus, request your needs to be 'Escalated' and someone in management is required to respond in a timely manner. Remind them that there are already requests made and that more repair staff needs to be dispatched to help out.

I've also direct messaged and called one of the local contractors for Telus who has done repair work in the past on Thetis. I've given him a bit of an overview of our situation to ensure they arrive prepared to do some serious work with the right equipment!

If you have not reported your lack of phone/internet service to Telus please do so asap (1 (866) 558-2273) and also let me know via text with your name, address and phone number, so I can add you to the roster - 250.415.0101. 

I shall post updates as I have them!

Thanks, Elisabeth Bond @ Jollity Farm

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